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In her artistic works Jeewi Lee (*1987) searches for historical traces. She lays open what she finds and uses a range of techniques to make this comprehensible and tangible to the viewer. The artist’s enquiries have continued at the Silbersee, where she has examined the site’s changing history and conducted local interviews. The result is a poetic, subtle and elusive work: in the centre of the lake, large air bubbles rise at irregular intervals from the lake bed and then burst on the surface of the water. Like the bubbles of a fish, they too are—apart from a faint bubbling noise – mute (which gives the work its title) but allow us to sense that they allude to something hidden.

Here, where people now spend their free weekends enjoying the natural surroundings, was the site of a large prisoner of war camp during World War I, where up to 10,000 prisoners from various different European countries were interned. Apart from a plaque on the beach, very little evidence of this can still be seen because at the time of the camp, the lake did not exist—it was only excavated later to extract quartz sand before it was repurposed as a bathing lake in 2005.


In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, access to the Silbersee II and the Ruhr Ding: Klima artworks located there is not possible at this time. We will inform here as well as on all our communication channels as soon as the situation changes.


At the Silbersee II entrance fees are charged during the bathing season by our cooperation partner, the operating company Silbersee II Haltern am See mbH.


4,00 €

Children under 3 years:


Parking fee:

4,00 €


Currently closed


Silbersee II
Zum Vogelsberg
45721 Haltern am See


From Haltern-Sythen railway station it is about 15 minutes by bike to Silbersee II. By public transport, the lake can be reached by bus 273E. There are two car parks at Silbersee II, from both of which the artworks are within easy walking distance. There is an information point at the car park near Café Treibsand.

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Jeewi Lee

The Korean artist Jeewi Lee grew up in both Germany and Korea. Her art is thus characterised by an exploration of heterogenous communication and language.