Margot Bergmann

In her series Other Reveries, Margot Bergman makes painterly additions to existing paintings that she has acquired at flea markets. She carefully elaborates (mostly female) portraits from hunting scenes, still lifes and landscapes by transforming elements of the existing painting into facial features of the portrayed. Margot Bergman regards herself as a collaborator with the unknown authors, whose paintings she translates into images evoking surrealist, neo-expressionist qualities. Ruhr Ding is dedicating a solo exhibition to her work in collaboration with the Museum Langmatt in Baden (Switzerland) and Museum Folkwang in Essen. Margot Bergman [born 1934] lives in Chicago.

Margot Bergman
Ruhr Ding Margot Bergman 7048 Projekt ©

Inner and Outer Landscapes

Mittels Übermalungen verwirklicht die Künstlerin auf den vom Flohmarkt stammenden Gemälden ihre eigenen Bildideen. Dabei versteht sie sich als stille Kollaborateurin mit den unbekannten Autor*innen.