“Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr” — 2019/​20 residencies

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For the 2019/2020 edition, the focus will be on artists whose work deals in the broadest sense with 'climate', the thematic bracket of the Ruhr Ding 2021.

The twelve-month residencies were awarded to the artist Euridice Kala (France/Mozambique) and the photographer Mohamed Altoum (Sudan). Altoum had already received a fellowship last year for “Zu Gast bei Urbane Künste Ruhr”. With the extension of his scholarship, he has been given the opportunity to continue his work in the Ruhr area. Both residencies are linked to the joint project Silent University Ruhr by Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Mülheim a. d. Ruhr and Urbane Künste Ruhr, which was launched in 2015.

The three-month residencies are linked to the KunstVereineRuhr, which draws on experience from a wide range of residency programmes and offers ideal networking opportunities with a total of 16 houses spread across the entire Ruhr area.

From 1 July to 30 September 2019, Nastassja Simensky from England and the Japanese-German duo Kyoco and Nico Alexander Taniyamaan came to the Ruhrgebiet. Simensky uses moving images, writing, music and performance to develop a material understanding of politics and history. Kyoco and Nico Taniyama work very site-specifically, against the background of their respective cultural influences.

From 1 October to 31 December 2019, Ana Alenso from Venezuela and Marianna Christofides from Cyprus were guests. Ana Alenso’s work aims to make visible the global ecological, social and economic risks and consequences of mineral extraction. Marianna Christofides deals with traces of subliminal violence in spatial structures and manifestations of precarious life situations.

From 1 January to 31 March 2020, Angharad Williams from Wales and Etienne Dietzel from Germany were at home in the Ruhr region. Williams works multidisciplinarily, while Dietzel turned to photography after training as a stone sculptor. Today his works are model abstractions from observations.

From 1 April to 30 June 2020 Jackie Karuti and Thomas Taube were visiting the Ruhr Area. In their works, Jackie Karuti thematizes the production of knowledge and its accessibility. In his works, Thomas Taube detaches the medium of film from its linear and stringent narrative structures.

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Ana Alenso

Ana Alenso art focuses on the global dependence on resources and the concomitant political, social, and economic exploitation.

Mohamed Altoum baege 193001 ret Artist ©

Mohamed Altoum

Mohamed Altoum is a Sudanese visual artist, photographer and cameraman. n his works he combines selected visual impressions with storytelling.

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Marianna Christofides

In her practice Marianna Christofides deals with entangled narratives that constitute the different layers of multi-authored places.

Etienne Dietzel baege 209880 ret Artist ©

Etienne Dietzel

Etienne Dietzels works, which are frequently developed in cooperation with artists and specialists from various fields, are technical in nature, their appearance relating to their own genesis.

Euridice Kala baege 193092 ret Artist ©

Euridice Kala

Euridice Getulio Kala is an artist based in Paris. She was trained as a photographer at the Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg.

Nastassja Simensky baege 192864 ret Artist ©

Nastassja Simensky

Nastassja Simensky uses moving image, writing, music and performance to develop a material understanding of politics and history.

Kyoco und Nico Taniyama baege 192717 ret Artist ©

Kyoco Taniyama & Nico Alexander Taniyama

Kyoco+Nico are an artist duo from Tokyo and Berlin. The behaviour as well as the verbal syntax of the two cities tend to be exact opposites.

Baege 204669 ret Artist ©

Angharad Williams

Angharad Williams is a multi disciplinary artist and writer born in Bangor, Cymru.