Betonoper: Die Taube

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The works by artist Suse Weber (*1970), which became wellknown as so-called ‘emblematic sculptures’, alternate between performance, play, assemblage, storytelling and sculpture. They usually revolve around a meta subject matter, whose specific and metaphorical levels of meaning are continually deconstructed and reassembled.

In the context of the exhibition, she is applying this method of de- and reconstruction to the motif of the pigeon or dove. She methodically dissects and employs the animal’s various semantic meanings–from the dove of peace to the carrier pigeon, from military animal to the religiously symbolic creature, from its fascinating sensory abilities to the destructive ‘painterly’ power of its droppings – possessing an almost universal approach with a humourous note. As a consequence, she creates new perspectives on previously little known or considered aspects of the motif of the animal.

The artist will work on site for the entire duration of the exhibition. A free-standing signal box formerly used by the Bochumer Verein and its immediate surroundings, on what is today Westpark in Bochum, will be employed by the artist as a point of departure for scenarios updated on a weekly basis that engage in changing focusses. Suse Weber will be working continually in a publicly accessible manner, in exchange with various colleagues from music and art. The artist deploys tools for the creation of work in such a way that the audience is able to contribute to the development of the corpus and assist in shaping its direction.

In cooperation with Scenic Research Degree Programme, RuhrUniversität Bochum.


The project Betonoper: Die Taube was developed as part of the exhibition Ruhr Ding: Territorien and was on view from May 4—June 30, 2019 in the vacant Stellwerkhaus formerly used by the BochumerVerein.

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Suse Weber

Suse Weber works with sculpture, installation, sound and performance. Utilizing these media, she has developed her own conceptual complex of emblematic sculpture.