Lange Filmnacht

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So much more happens between dusk and dawn than we even realise: people work the night shift in hospitals, lost souls meet others on the outskirts of the city to go dancing, someone wants to wake up his or her neighbourhood to disrupt the illusion of Sunday rest, whereas yet others have run themselves so rampant that they can only sink down, overcome by sleep.

For twelve hours, we will be exploring the topic of sleep as a motif in film during the Lange Filmnacht (Long Night of Film). Short experimental films meet long narratives, disrupting visual habits as if they were veritably made of the fabric of dreams. All through the night guests will accompany us, reflecting on the programme and engaging in dialogue with the audience. While everyone is welcome to slip into the mode of sleep, eat soup at midnight, or enjoy breakfast together, we are most excited to see which filmic impressions will outlast the shared experience.

Bring your own pillows and sleeping bags for a comfortable night!

A cooperation between the Internationales Frauen Film Fest Dortmund+Köln (IFFF) and Urbane Künste Ruhr. Curated by Vivien Buchhorn (IFFF) and Alisha Danscher (Urbane Künste Ruhr) in collaboration with Melanie Manchot.

Organised by Café Leye

The IFFF Dortmund+Köln is sponsored by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North RhineWestphalia; City of Dortmund / Cultural Office; City of Cologne, Film and Media Foundation NRW; German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth; Sparkasse Dortmund; German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The complete programme with short descriptions of the individual films can be found here.


The event starts at 8 pm on 24 June and ends at 8 am on 25 June.


Loop im Café
STRUGGLE: Untitled VII, Noora Geagea, FI 2018, 6’, ohne Dialog.
Ein Museumswärter kämpft gegen den Sekundenschlaf.

20 Uhr
Virgin Blue / Bu yao zai jian a, Yu hua tang, Niu Xiaoyu, CN 2021, 100’, OmU

22 Uhr
A Night of Knowing Nothing, Payal Kapadia, FR/IN 2021, 96’, OmU

23.40 Uhr Mitternachtssnack

0:10 Uhr
, Yalda Afsah, DE 2018, 14’, ohne Dialog
Queen of Diamonds
, Nina Menkes, US 1991, 76’, OF

1.35 Uhr
A Whole Night / Toute une nuit
, Chantal Akerman, BE/FR 1982, 90’, OmU

3.25 Uhr Pause

3.35 Uhr
Hungry Baby, Clara Balzary, US 2021, 6’, OF
Clubbed to Death (Lola)
, Yolande Zauberman, FR 1996, 90’, OmU

5.10 Uhr
It is Night in America / É Noite na América
, Ana Vaz, BR/FR/IT 2022, 66’, OmeU

ab 6.30 Uhr Frühstück

6.40 Uhr
Untitled Sequence of Gaps, Vika Kirchenbauer, DE 2020, 13’, OmU
Sun Under Ground / Sonne unter Tage
, Mareike Bernien & Alex Gerbaulet, DE 2022, 39’, OmeU
, Emilija Škarnulyte, LT 2013, 13’, OmeU

7.45 Uhr Gesprächsrunde

Caffeine – Musikvideo für Brandt Brauer Frick, Danae Diaz & Patricia Luna, DE 2011, 5’, OF. Eine musikalische Akkumulation des beliebten Aufputschmittels: Kaffee als Ritual und Sucht.


Café Leye
Bahnhofstraße 13
58452 Witten


  • Sa.—Su.
    20—8 h
    Movie series
    24.6.— 25.6.

    Lange Filmnacht

  • Photo Vivien Artist ©

    Vivien Buchhorn

    Vivien Buchhorn is a film historian and curator. Her research interests include transnational cinematographies and artworks as well as questions about their archiving.

    Fabian Goppelsröder Artist ©

    Fabian Goppelsröder

    Fabian Goppelsröder studied philosophy and history in Berlin and Paris and eventually completed his doctorate at the Comparative Literature Department of Stanford University in Palo Alto.

    Dana with the wind and the rain Artist ©

    Dana Linssen

    Dana Linssen is film critic, writer, philosopher and freelance curator from the Netherlands. She is a long-term critic for daily nationwide newspaper NRC and contributor to film magazine de Filmkrant.

    Portrait M Manchot Studio V4 Artist ©

    Melanie Manchot

    Melanie Manchot’s projects operate at the interface of documentary and staged form, approaching certain sites, public spaces, and groups or communities with great sensitivity.