Vivien Buchhorn

Vivien Buchhorn is a film historian and curator. Her research interests include transnational cinematographies and artworks as well as questions about their archiving. In addition to her academic work, she also explores different modes of mediating films in practice. For example, she programmes documentaries and experimental films for the International Women's Film Festival Dortmund+Cologne, conceives symposia on the future of television archives that lay the foundation for a publicly accessible "library of images" and supervises international film productions as a dramaturgical consultant. Her many years of research on the filmmaker Sohrab Shahid Saless culminated in the Shahid Saless Archive, which has set itself the task of restoring his complete works. In 2023, a multilingual anthology on the filmmaker will be published by Spector Books under the editorship of Vivien Buchhorn.

Photo Vivien
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Lange Filmnacht

For twelve hours, we will be exploring the topic of sleep as a motif in film. All through the night guests will accompany us, reflecting on the programme and engaging in dialogue with the audience.