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Since 1968, the city of Herne, often referred to as the geographical centre of the Ruhr area, has boasted a large motorway junction linking the A42 and A43 autobahns. Less well known is the history museum. The Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz is strongly committed to researching and presenting local contemporary history. As part of Ruhr Ding: Klima, its Curator-in-chief Ralf Piorr, together with Katrin Lieske, have mounted a special exhibition there, Automobilism. Urban Spaces in Transition. This presents a firm historical foundation for examining the all-pervasive transport of people and goods in the Ruhr region, and at the same time highlights urban development links to other project sites: the mid-1970s residential towers at the Kreuzkirche, where a multi-channel installation inspired by experiences of the pandemic will be on view in a penthouse; and a filmic research around the former McDonald's branch in Herne’s city centre. While these works can be roughly associated with the question of social climate, a sculptural installation in the railway station, made of found materials, is dedicated to the consequences of illegal gold mining in the Venezuelan Amazonia—and thus to the other side of our affluent society.


Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz

Unser-Fritz-Straße 108
44653 Herne
High-rise building, 10th floor
(Natalie Bookchin - Geisterspiele)

An Der Kreuzkirche 10
44623 Herne
fromer McDonald's
(Silke Schönfeld - Family Business)

Bahnhofstraße 82a
44623 Herne
Alter Wartesaal at Herne Station
(Ana Alenso - Die Mine gibt, die Mine nimmt)

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1
44629 Herne



UKR Ruhrding Herne Ana Alenso 2021 c Daniel Sadrowski 1649 Specials ©

Die Mine gibt, die Mine nimmt

For her multimedia installation, exhibited inside the old waiting room at Herne train station, Ana Alenso (*1982) has conducted research in the archives of the NGO SOS Orinoco.

UKR Ruhrding GE Natalie Bookchin 2021 c Daniel Sadrowski 3104 Specials ©


Last year, Natalie Bookchin invited us to document the new everyday life in the pandemic through short home videos. The result is an audiovisual portrait of the collective experience of isolation.

B2 Silke Schönfeld c Silke Schönfeld Specials ©

Family Business

In the stories of Silke Schönfeld’s multi-part video installation Family Business personal recollections merge with collective remembrance.

B4 Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz 1970 Unfall Monschau c Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz Specials ©

Automobilism. Urbane Räume im Wandel

As part of the Ruhr Ding: Klima the Heimatmuseum has devoted a exhibition to automobility demonstrating how the car has transformed the urban space and still continues to dominate it today.