Deborah Ligorio

Our relationship to nature and landscape often serves as a point of departure in the work of the Italian artist Deborah Ligorio. Her artistic research connects ecological, technological, and feminist conceptual models, lending them various forms of expression. Ligorio’s practice includes performative works of art, including guided meditations, which she has already carried out in countless contexts. They serve not personal relaxation but rather intend to foster concentration and focused thinking about social and ecological issues.

In the sandy landscape of the Silbersee, Ligorio responds to the existential threat of sun and heat by planting three trees along the central beach, meant to provide shade-seekers with reliable protection from the sun and a place for gathering. At the same time, the artist offers a narrative-meditative audio walk along the shore through a site-specific app that focuses on the natural phenomena around the lake and invites visitors to explore in detail its history and the related ecosystem.

Deborah Ligorio (b. 1972) lives in Berlin.

Deborah Ligorio
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Take your Time. A multi-path walk for observations on ecology and vulnerability

At Silbersee II Deborah Ligorio will create an audio walk that focuses on natural phenomena around the lake.

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Build on Sand

On the occasion of the Wandersalon the artists Deborah Ligorio and Michel de Broin will be in conversation with the curator Vlado Velkov and Britta Peters, artistic director at Urbane Künste Ruhr.