kitev (Kultur im Turm e.V.)

kitev (Kultur im Turm e.V.) was founded in 2006 by Ateliers Stark and Tank-FX and is a laboratory for unusual interventions, based in the water tower of Oberhausen's central station. The association supports innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary artists in their work and further development, virulently promotes the dialogue between different art disciplines and is involved in the local social environment. With the projects Refugees' Kitchen and GENAU - GEmeinsam Neu AUfbauen, kitev works together with the local community to help people who, due to certain conditions, are often unable to participate in society and the public sphere. Through joint cooking, vocational workshops, social counseling and a lively exchange, kitev offers them the opportunity to actively participate and empower themselves

UKR Healing Complex Summit 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 0994 Specials ©

Healing Complex: Summit – A day of conversations and sauna

With mobile saunas on the forecourt and a varied program of talks, film screenings and communal baking, we will end the first phase of the Healing Complex with a Summit on November 12th.