Climate Changing Room

UKR Ruhrding Silbersee2 2021 c Daniel Sadrowski 2610
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Between the regular beach and the nudist area at Silbersee II stands Kasia Fudakowski’s (*1985) Climate Changing Room. From the outside, its curved steel arcs are not immediately recognisable for what they are: a changing cubicle. This is because instead of providing reliable protection from view, this delicate construction decorated with fig leaves on mobile steel branches only conceals the essentials—and it only does that from certain angles. The fig leaf is best known in art history for its botanical attribute of covering genitalia when these are required to be hidden from the gaze of spectators.

The title Climate Changing Room is intended as a humorous commentary that combines the two terms ‚climate change‘ and ‚changing room‘. The recurring disputes between ‚regular‘ and nudist bathers around the boundary between their two sections of beach provided Fudakowski with the inspiration for her work.

Climate Changing Room is one part of the group of works Continuouslessness, a series of finely forged steel segments that can be endlessly combined and extended which the artist has produced since 2011. In a similar manner to her video work Word Count, which she is presenting as part of the Ruhr Ding: Klima at the Blumenthal Mine in Recklinghausen, each element of Continuouslessness has its own genesis. Joined together they form one long, multi-coloured screen that can always be reassembled anew in different ways.


In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, access to the Silbersee II and the Ruhr Ding: Klima artworks located there is not possible at this time. We will inform here as well as on all our communication channels as soon as the situation changes.


At the Silbersee II entrance fees are charged during the bathing season by our cooperation partner, the operating company Silbersee II Haltern am See mbH.


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Silbersee II
Zum Vogelsberg
45721 Haltern am See


From Haltern-Sythen railway station it is about 15 minutes by bike to Silbersee II. By public transport, the lake can be reached by bus 273E. There are two car parks at Silbersee II, from both of which the artworks are within easy walking distance. There is an information point at the car park near Café Treibsand.

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Kasia Fudakowski

Kasia Fudakowski’s conceptual works of art follow strict, self-imposed rules, usually developed and expanded by the artist over a period of several years.