Nikity and Anna Cainelli (E.P.I.Q. collective)

E.P.I.Q. is a collective of eight DJs based in Cologne who transcend genre boundaries from Soul to Hip-Hop, RnB to World Pop, House to Breakbeats, Bass to UK Garage and more. Thorugh their eclectic style and their collaboration with local artists, E.P.I.Q. create unique and highly energetic events.

Anna Cainelli c Aina Perlas
UKR Healing Complex Summit 2022 c Daniel Sadrowski 0994 Specials ©

Healing Complex: Summit – A day of conversations and sauna

With mobile saunas on the forecourt and a varied program of talks, film screenings and communal baking, we will end the first phase of the Healing Complex with a Summit on November 12th.