Moving through the World. Reading and Talk with Lütfiye Güzel, Anneke Lubkowitz and Stephan Muschick

Ruhr Ding Schlaf Gods Entertainment 6823

In the mid-twentieth century, the artist group Situationist International around the writer Guy Debord started engaging in self-experimentation. The aim was to explore how the urban environment influences perception and also behaviour in space. The so-called Situationists coined the term ‘psychogeography’ and, for example, agreed to deliberately get lost in foreign cities so as to expose themselves to new experiences and encounters.

Yet the question of how we (can) move through the world is not contingent on urban-planning conditions alone. It is strongly dependent on existing individual factors like skin colour, citizenship, gender, and class affiliation. This question can be posed on many different levels and directly addresses the issue of how to participate in public space.

In the scope of this event, we will jointly investigate various modalities of navigating the world. One topic involves personal experience and how it can be applied to others, for instance through literature, while others deal with mentally experiencing one’s surroundings or with how current geopolitical contexts condition movement in space.

An event carried out in cooperation with the E.ON Stiftung

Organized by Saalbau Witten.


Beforehand at 4.30 pm: Tour with the artist Đorđe Balmazović focused on his work Fluchtwege


Saalbau Witten
Bergerstraße 25
58452 Witten


  • Thursday
    18 h

    Moving through the World.

  • GUEZEL Pressefoto von Ben Knabe Artist ©

    Lütfiye Güzel

    Lütfiye Güzel, born in Duisburg in 1972 and travelling between the Ruhr and Berlin, is a poet and has been publishing poems under her own label go-güzel-publishing since 2014.