Foam and activity spaces

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Stemming from her interest in how public space is formed and the associated conditions in an urban setting, Maximiliane Baumgartner’s projects show evidence of her research-based, emancipatory practice. Baumgartner, an artist and art teacher, develops mobile, versatile structures for the Steele district in Essen that offer children, adolescents and adults a free space for their ideas. Artist Stephanie Lüning also intervenes in urban infrastructures with her work. Her art actions, which she describes as ‘ephemeral paintings’, use a machine that produces masses of foam from biodegradable detergent and food colouring. With playful ease and memorable intensity, she creates dreamlike scenarios that briefly transform the city into another world.

In conversation with Alisha Danscher (Assistant Curator Urbane Künste Ruhr), the artists present their ideas and discuss ways in which public space can be influenced.


Free admission


GREND Kulturzentrum
Westfalenstraße 311
45276 Essen-Steele


  • Thursday
    19 h

    Wandersalon #38 with Maximiliane Baumgartner and Stephanie Lüning