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Schwesternpark (Nurses’ Park), situated next to Witten’s Protestant hospital, is a place of contemplation. Already in 1906 it was laid out in fourteen small landscapes, each unique, with the idea of giving the deaconesses, who had come from all over the world, a familiar environment. The artist Nora Turato (b. 1991 in Zagreb, lives in Amsterdam) with her work who wants to tell her, has chosen to install a subtle audio parcours in the existing park area marked by hills and an enchanting appearance. Here, recordings of her voice can be heard throughout the site, without the genesis of the sounds being immediately apparent. For this piece, the artist reconstructed mobile phone recordings of everyday observations during walks as well as recordings of her trainings with methods such as alpha-theta hypnosis and EMDR therapy which facilitate to reach a mental state on the precipice of the subconscious. Within her new audio piece, Nora Turato explores how a disembodied voice can occupy both a physical space – such as Schwesternpark – and its presence in the subconscious, in one’s head.

The spoken word is the bedrock of artist Nora Turato’s multifaceted practice. Her performances reveal carefully measured intonation and pace of the highest precision. An overarching theme of her installations, murals, and books is our collective relationship with language as a medium. Her scripts are often borrowed from conversations, from the communication playing out in social media and advertising, but also from theoretical and academic texts – with all sources weighted equally. The Schwesternpark project, as an installation in exterior space, represents a caesura in the artistic practice of Nora Turato: here the work concentrates on an exploration of language in an abstracted form, when one’s state oscillates at a liminal state of consciousness.


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Nora Turato

In spoken word performances, as well as in colourful large-format text images and objects by artist Nora Turato, language is the central medium.