Reflecting Landscape in Dreams

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How does the landscape of our surroundings inscribe itself in our memory and how does it show up in our nightly dreams?

The experiences of the day inscribe themselves in our bodies: physical labour, feelings of boredom, rejection and lack of freedom are just as much a part of this as joie de vivre, lust and sporting energy. Taking the post-industrial landscapes of the Ruhr as a starting point, Slovenian artist Katarina Jazbec explores the relationship between dreams and everyday life in the research for her new film project. In cinematic portraits of the relationship between people and nature in the region, she wants to trace the hidden narratives of past and present. A special focus is on the ability to foresee situations in dreams, to process them or to reinvent them for the future.

As part of the Wandersalon #31 at Filmtheater Rio, Katarina Jazbec will screen the short films You Can't Automate Me (2021) and Permeating Hearts (2018) and provide insights into her current research for Ruhr Ding: Schlaf in 2023.


You Can't Automate Me (2021), 21 min.
Before the container ships leave the port of Rotterdam, they have to be secured by dock workers with heavy metal bars. Surrounded by huge cranes and self-propelled vehicles, Katarina Jazbec portrays the intense activity of the workers and lets them talk about their experiences through their bodies.

Permeating Hearts (2018), 23 min.
This documentary follows a group of male inmates in a Belgian prison as they read short stories together over two months. What can we learn about the inmates, about ourselves and about social structures through reading fiction?

About the talk

The talk will be in English language.




The event will be held in compliance with the 3G regulation. Please bring your relevant proof of vaccination or recovery or test certificates with you. There is an obligation to wear an FFP2 mask.


Wed 30.3.22

8 pm (entry 7.30 pm)


Rio Filmtheater im Medienhaus
Viktoriastraße 17
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

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    Reflecting Landscape in Dreams

  • Katarinajazbecpotrait by andelavidic 2 Artist ©

    Katarina Jazbec

    In her works, the artist and filmmaker Katarina Jazbec creates new forms of narrative in which she explores vital questions of ethics, identity, freedom, justice, and economic inequality.