Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz

The Heimatmuseum Unser Fritz, a local heritage museum in Herne, is participating in Ruhr Ding: Klima with the special exhibition Automobilism. Urbane Räume im Wandel (Automobilism. Urban Spaces in Transition). The exhibition, created by Katrin Lieske and Ralf Piorr, documents the development of car-friendly towns starting in the 1960s. Under the tenet of seemingly limitless economic growth, measures in urban planning were focused on private motorised traffic while disrupting long-established structures by advancing the role of autobahns and city traffic. This vision of functional modernism pertained not only to the City of Herne, but also to the Ruhr region as a whole. In the exhibition, artistic interventions explore the aftermath of this new reality.How does the city we ourselves have created impact us? What social climate has arisen here? And how open are we to change?

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Automobilism. Urbane Räume im Wandel

As part of the Ruhr Ding: Klima the Heimatmuseum has devoted a exhibition to automobility demonstrating how the car has transformed the urban space and still continues to dominate it today.